Compatible materials for UV print


It might be easier to ask what can’t be printed using UV. So, waterproofed or oil-surfaced material, doesn’t accept UV due to the water resistance treatment or plasticisers or protective films.

Everything else is printable – either direct or by using a primer. In general, you can print on an almost infinite catalogue of material with UV inks and a Roland LEF printer. Remember, the cool LED lamps cure the ink droplets immediately after they land on the material, which means they are not absorbed and do not etch, damage or react with the media.

And since no heat is used to cure the ink, printing on heat-sensitive materials isn’t a problem either.
This means ECO-UV is compatible with a wide range of unusual substrates, like some of the ones below:


OUR UV printers can add customised designs directly onto wood and wooden products. WE Use our wide range of experience for wine boxes, dominoes, drumsticks and picture frames, etc and we use a different set of printer for more ambitious wooden items like doors or table tops, etc. Inquire More


UV printing is great for canvas. Canvas art prints that stand out, canvas bags and shoes that make a fashion statement, traditional canvas sports equipment – add any colour and design and we will do the rest for you.
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You can print onto glass items, like window panes, jewellery boxes and wine bottles, tables, wall potraits, etc with our UV printers. Adding a primer layer can make even the smoothest surfaces printable. 
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Chase the trend for colourful interiors with creative ceramics, printed with OUR special ceramic machine. A primer could help you achieve outstanding results on smooth ceramic tiles, ornaments and other objects. Inquire More




Print onto metal with OUR UV printers . Print colours and textures to metal grill, water bottles, drinks packaging, retro lunchboxes, pet tags and many other cutting-edge customised products. 
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