Large Format Printing

  • Large format printing

Large format printing is applicable for a range of products, such as banners, signs, business décor, roller banners, exhibition displays, and the list continues. Printouch Limited has been providing large format printouts for over 20 years.

Your large format printing, needs to have the highest quality finish, so we use the best technology to ensure this. You can either supply us the artwork, or we can work together to create your product, or you get simply give us a design brief and we will design a range of ideas. We will always ask you to proof the final artwork so both us and the client are happy with the final product.

So what makes large format printing different to normal printing? Here are some things to consider:

  • Resolution – how far away will people be viewing your print from? The answer dictates the required resolution
  • Vector images – when printing large format images it is best to use vector images rather than bitmap formats.
  • Fonts – large print needs to be readable from a distance, and some fonts aren’t suited to that. You don’t want a font that is too thin, or equally too thick, or a font that makes the letters look crowded.
  • Colours – The design software needs to be set to CMYK, not RGB. It is also important to decide on a contrasting background colour and font colour for readability purposes.
  • Simple – Like a lot of things, simplicity is key. The information on a banner or poster needs to be absorbed as quickly as possible as a person is walking past. Therefore is shouldn’t be cluttered with text and images. You might even consider using a more basic version of your logo so it really stands out.
  • Page bleed – Effectively this is giving the printer some room for error at the edge of your product. Depending on the size of product required, the bleed will be different sizes, and then just make sure any text or images don’t go over this border.

If you need help with designing and getting your artwork ready for large format printing, then get it touch with us today to find out how we can help.

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