Marketing Success Through Large Format Printing

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Marketing is about communicating the value of a product, service or brand to customers or consumers for the purpose of promoting or selling that product, service, or brand. The biggest challenge for most marketing strategies is to continually, find new and innovative ways to do this.

 One of the most powerful tools marketers have at their disposal is large format printing. Signs, banners, and wall and floor graphics provide businesses with effective and affordable solutions to generate and expand their brand awareness. The possibilities are endless plus large format printing provides the lowest cost per marketing impression of any marketing medium.

 Examples of large format print marketing are literally all around us:

 • Convention Centers • Theaters • Stadiums • Shopping Malls • Trade Shows • Office Buildings • Construction Projects • Amusement Parks • Festivals and Special Events

Guerrilla Marketing Large Format Print Kansas City PrintBig

 Guerrilla marketing has forced innovation and evolution of the large format print industry. Many tactics utilize low cost and unconventional means to grab the public’s attention in a personable and memorable way. Since the main point of guerrilla marketing is that the activities are done exclusively on the streets or other public places, such as shopping centers, parks or beaches where the maximum number of people can be accessed, the use of large format print is a no-brainer in this context.

 When you’re looking to make an impact and get noticed, look no further than a trusted large format printer. Creating attention-getting imagery and thought-provoking context aren’t enough. You need to be able to rely on your printer to help convert these ideas into concrete, tactile print pieces. Knowing which formats, fonts, and materials will work best for your strategy and placement is a skill that takes years of experience to master.

REtaileditGet their attention for all the right reasons, not because your banner is hanging down, washed out, faded or illegible. Research your printer; verify their credentials and experience. Being able to speak face to face when planning a large or complex project can often be the defining line between success and failure. If you don’t know where to start, or what questions to ask, feel free to contact us. Printouch has been in the industry for nearly twenty years, and we are happy to help with projects we can excel at and not afraid to refer you to a competitor if we feel out of our depth.

How Brands Can Build Bridges With Purpose-Driven Marketing Campaigns

Modern marketing strategies have come a long way in the last few decades. Over the years, the industry has progressed from being a product-driven field (where campaigns focus on the merits of a business’ product or service) to being customer-driven (where campaigns harness the power of consumer data in order to meet their wants and needs). Today, however, marketing campaigns are moving toward being more purpose-driven, which is also the direction that many Kenyan Outdoor advertising strategies are taking. Exactly what does purpose-driven marketing entail? Below are some useful insights into this emerging marketing strategy:

In today’s progressive business environment, selling products and services is no longer enough to remain competitive. Companies today must learn how to connect with target customers in more meaningful ways than outdoor billboard advertising and traditional marketing approaches. This is where purpose-driven marketing campaigns come into play. Purpose-driven marketing is a content marketing strategy that enables brands and businesses to make connections with target audiences based on shared interests and needs. This means driving audiences to participate and engage by creating content or developing strategies that are mutually beneficial to both ends. What makes purpose-driven marketing unique is that it allows businesses to highlight their social purpose and in turn connect with target customers on the level of their deeply ingrained personal values. Such shared interest breeds deeper levels of trust and customer loyalty.

Applying purpose-driven strategies in your out of home advertising campaign will help you capture the hearts of audiences and create more meaningful interactions, be it through your advertising billboards or other outdoor advertising campaign channels. The keys to effective purpose-driven outdoor billboard advertising include:

             Knowing your company’s purpose

             Authenticity in presenting your social cause

             Leveraging the power of partnerships

             Focusing on positive aspects of social issues; and

             Constant evaluation of audience engagement, which will help you pinpoint the strengths and improve on the weaknesses of your campaign

If you need assistance in developing an outdoor billboard advertising campaign that is designed around purpose-driven marketing principles, Printouch Limited is the perfect partner to help you maximize the effectiveness of your out of home advertising efforts. Printouch Limited offers the best solutions in print media and marketing and advertising materials.