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Vehicle Branding Benefits 

Creating a custom 4X4 wheel cover not only looks good but is a great opportunity to help advertise your business around town. Including a company logo on vehicles helps increase brand awareness and can result in an increase in enquiries made. Whether it’s a single car or a fleet of vehicles, this marketing strategy has been proved to be very lucrative for a number of businesses from a range of industries. We explore the benefits of using personalised 4X4 wheel covers for businesses and the best practices for getting your company noticed on the road.

Reach Your Target Audience

The first benefit when advertising a company through a spare wheel cover is the ability to reach your target audience. Businesses can use the traffic created during rush hour to their advantage, having a branded 4X4 wheel cover offers free advertising to surrounding cars, helping spread the word about your products and services. With reports showing more and more cars hitting the road, the possible audience is ever increasing.

A Cheaper Advertising Option

Comparing the cost of a company branded 4X4 wheel cover to other advertising methods, this method is both effective and affordable. It also is not limited by the restrictions of other advertising methods. For example, not only are traditional billboards expensive, they are also restricted to one location meaning it is hard to reach a widespread audience. The positioning of permanent advertising can also be problematic if placed in an area with a low.

Getting The Word Out

A recent study found that 98% of the population has travelled by car, the study also confirmed that 95% of passengers take notice of branding on the road. This offers a fantastic opportunity for a start-up business trying to get their name known. Designing a creative and intriguing advert can create buzz around a company, increasing enquiries and website traffic.

Create Positive Associations

Having a strong brand can help create a positive association for a potential customer, this should be used as much as possible, including car branding. Having a professional branded wheel cover demonstrates a professional service, it also portrays a company that is successful and established. Analyzing businesses that used car branding, a survey found that three out of four people had a positive opinion of a business if they had been recently exposed to a form of car branding.

Proven Results

Researchers followed a single car with car branding through a typical 24 hours; this included the daily commute and a few additional journeys, they found this created 70,000 possible impressions per day. Although not all of these impressions will convert to customers, the same researchers did find that 29% of people surveyed were influenced by branded vehicles when deciding where to make a purchase.

Not only does a branded 4X4 spare wheel cover help increase brand recognition, it also offers a great opportunity to increase the number of people noticing your company. It is clear that car branding not only creates a positive brand perception, it can also directly influence people’s buying behaviour. Branded wheel covers offer an affordable advertising opportunity that will help get your business moving.

Printouch Limited is a market leader in the customization of spare wheel covers. We have a long history of providing high-quality, branded 4X4 wheel covers to a range of businesses including dealership owners, trailer owners and private car owners

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