Laser cutting is the process of using a powerful laser to cut and/or engrave items from flat sheets of material like plastic, wood and many other materials.
Using the laser cutting process you can make things like rubber stamps, signage, jewellery, prototype pieces as well as mass production jobs.

The Laser cutter works by directing a high powered laser beam very precisely at the chosen material to either etc, mark or cut right through. When cutting, the laser beam burns away at the material leaving you with the cutout shape that you have specified in your vector file. The cutting beam is very thin (typically around 0.1mm) and precise resulting in incredibly detailed and accurate cuts. By reducing the beam power you can mark the surface of the material, this is known as etching or engraving and can give some stunning effects on wood and plastic.

Traditionally laser cutting has been used by engineers to cut complex parts for machines. It required the use of specialty CAD software to create the vector files that the machine could understand, it required expertise in part design and fabrication to use and it needed high volumes of production to justify the cost.
We set out to give artists, illustrators, designers and everyone in between easy access to laser cutting so they could make their designs a reality. We make laser cutting easier and more affordable than you’d think and we work with the software that you’re used to – programs like Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and Inkscape + many more.