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Do you need UV printing?


Gadgets, gifts, signage, merchandising, electronics, ceramics, jewellery, and homeware are just some of the commercial sectors touched by UV printing technology. Let's dive into it.

Our UV Print Meets the users' demand by printing outstanding results.

UV is speeding up and simplifying the personalisation print process meeting the increasing demand for limited runs of unique and decorated products.

At the same time UV print adds exciting and sophisticated textured special effects to the finished result. From bottles to pens to smartphone cases and USB sticks, Our UV printers, offers white and clear ink (matt and gloss varnish) that work with the standard CMYK colour gamut to create vibrant colours and outstanding gloss, matt, textured and 3D effects on a vast array of substrates.

What is UV printing and how it works


Let’s start with a brief but important explanation about the technology.
UV digital printing speeds up the print production process by instantly curing specially formulated UV inks on a vast range of materials using UV lamps. Let's see the three elements that produce the final artwork. A brief video above will also show you the printing in action.

We get excited hearing about the passion you have for your work. We commit to being your partner from concept to getting product on the shelf. You can trust Printouch Limited  for your next uv-printing project or program.

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Some of the most respected companies trust us as their print partner.

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